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Dreaming Digital: Web programming and consulting


We believe in publishing our rates so you can be assured you're getting a consistent and competitive price.

  • Payment options for Canadian customers: Interac money transfer or mail a cheque.
  • Payment for U.S. customers: PayPal or mail a cheque.

$40/hr CAD  $33/hr USD

  • Consulting and communications
  • Front-side programming (like HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Ajax etc)
  • Some server-side programming in ColdFusion or PHP
  • Search Engine Optimization and campaign setup and maintenance
  • Purchasing
  • Documentation

$60/hr CAD

  • Most server side programming (like ASP, PHP, JSP, .NET, Advanced Coldfusion)
  • Most database programming (like SQL Server, MySQL)

Home page website

These types of Web sites are very popular. They feature a one-page or landing page Website that has all your information neatly organized into sections on that one page.

  • Estimated 10hr programming and consulting combined
  • Estimated 2hr purchasing and publishing
  • Estimated 2hr tweaks and testing
  • Estimated $80 for stock photography and code stubs and templates
  • Estimated total: 14hrs

Custom Miva Merchant Sales Report

  • Estimated 2 to 4 hours.

Miva site to Secure HTTPS and rewrite links.

  • Estimated 4 to 6 hours

Rush work means we need to reorganize our schedules and work extra and/or odd hours so an additional fee needs to be applied.

  • Add 30% to hourly rates.
  • Add 30% to estimates.

(Fixed price items like hosting, domain names, stock photography and purchased code samples and templates are not affected by rush rates.)